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The Native Sons of the Golden West is a fraternal service organization founded in 1875, limited to native born Californians and dedicated to historic preservation, documentation of historic structures and places in the state, the placement of historic plaques and other charitable functions within California. In 1890 they placed the first historical marker in the state to honor the discovery of gold which gave rise to the state nickname "Golden State" and "Golden West."

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General Albert M Winn, A Virginian who came to California during Gold Rush days and who was deeply impressed with the fortitude of the men and women of the period, organized the Native Sons of the Golden West in San Francisco on July 11, 1875.

General Winn sought to immortalize those pioneer fathers and mothers. He decided to gather a group of Native Californians who, dressed in the rough miner's garb of the Gold Rush days, would march in the 1875 Independence Day Parade on Monday, July 5. Twenty-one of those participating joined together on July 11 to form the Society of Native Sons of the Golden West.

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What is a Native Son of the Golden West? Gold and “Newcomers” both have played a big part in the history of the state of California, and both of them played a big role in the formation of the Native Sons of the Golden West.